New Syllabus at a Glance

The first examinations for this new syllabus are in 2011. Thus, teaching will start in August 2009. However, remember that all 2008-9 students in year 1 of IB Diploma Geography will continue with the existing syllabus into 2009-2010, their second year, and sit the existing syllabus examinations in 2010. 2010 will be the last sitting of examinations for the existing syllabus.

Paper 1 - Core Theme - Patterns and Change [HL and SL Students]

There are four compulsory topics in this core theme:-

1. Population in Transition
2. Disparities in Wealth and Development
3. Patterns in Environmental Quality and Sustainability
4. Patterns in Resource Consumption

70 hours of teaching time.

Paper 2 - Optional Themes

HL students study three options. SL students study two options.

The options are:-

A. Freshwater - Issues and Conflicts
B. Oceans and their Coastal Margins
C. Extreme Environments
D. Hazards and Disasters - Risk Assessment and Response
E. Leisure, Sport and Tourism
F. The Geography of Food and Health
G. Urban Environments

Each option is 30 hours of teaching time

Paper 3 - HL Extenstion - Global Interactions

There are seven compulsory topics in the HL extension

1. Measuring Global Interactions
2. Changing Space - The Shrinking World
3. Economic Interactions and Flows
4. Environmental Change
5. Sociocultural Exchanges
6. Political Outcomes
7. Global Interactions at the Local Level

60 hours of teaching time

Internal Assessment

One 2500 word report

20 hours of teaching time for both HL and SL students.
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